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Talented Volunteers

The All Stars Project has one of the most recognized, award-winning volunteer programs in the city, attracting people from all backgrounds and walks of life to become builders of the All Stars programs and initiatives, UX, and the productions of the Castillo Theatre. The All Stars grows out of a community-organizing model, which shapes all of our work. Our Talented Volunteers program offers a unique opportunity to participate in all areas of our work: do outreach in the community for the All Stars Talent Show Network; be a program associate for the Development School for Youth; train as part of a skilled phone team reaching out to the young people and members of our community; be a vital part of our front-of-house theatre operation by joining our bustling house staff; work as part of set and costume design teams led by Castillo’s avant-garde theatre designers; get trained as a theatre and events producer – and much more! We offer training in many areas: theatre tech, producing, house management, as well as in our approach to developing young people. We'll make use of your skills and at the same time, ask you to stretch and do whatever it takes — that’s how you’ll grow, while building the All Stars.
We offer weekly introduction sessions.        Email us at to register or call (212) 356-8436