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2008 Recipient - The Projekt Theater Studio

The Projekt Theater Studio was founded by Eva Brenner in 1998 as part of Projekt Theater, one of Austria's main centers for experimental theater and performance work. At the STUDIO, a group of 10 artists works at systematically developing experimental and interdisciplinary theatrical through the collective development of new performance vocabularies. This is done by basing contemporary literary texts on themes of cultural and political importance.

Some subjects the STUDIO tackles are the role of women in the aftermaths of emancipation movements, xenophobia and contemporary war efforts, Austrians, Eastern-European heritage, as well as Jewish cultural traces lost in the historical maze since World War II, and the impact of a "New World Order" on human interactions. In 2004 the Studio inaugurated the international art festival, and opened a new performance space, the FLEISCHEREI, a local shop with large "windows to the world" in the heart of the 7th Vienna District.