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2008 Recipient - The Pillsbury House Theatre

The Pillsbury House Theatre is a professional theatre housed entirely within an inner-city neighborhood center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. An integral part of Pillsbury United Communities, that grew out the settlement movement that began in the United States in the 19th century, Pillsbury House is a multi-cultural company of artists, whose purpose is to engage a broad community in the art of theatre with programs and productions that provoke examination of the world. Through its theatrical productions, and its performance programs for adults and children, Pillsbury House Theatre seeks to illuminates the differences that make each person unique and the similarities that bring people together. They hope to engage difficult societal issues including racism, violence, sexual harassment and HIV/AIDS, and their youth theatre program works, while teaching youth how to act and how to write plays, to give every child an opportunity to prove that he or she has something of value to offer that can never be taken away.