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A Full House Celebrates the 2016
Otto René Castillo Awards for Political Theatre

The 18th annual Otto René Castillo Awards for Political Theatre honorees...

Kia Corthron, an African American playwright, activist, television writer and novelist. Her work has been commissioned and performed across the U.S. and United Kingdom, and explores a wide range of themes including land mines, female gangs, capital punishment, youth violence and disability;

Emily Mann, a multi-award winning playwright and director, and the artistic director of the McCarter Theatre in Princeton, N.J. She has produced works on African-American themes, as well as the impact of war, identity, justice and inequality in society;

The Theater Offensive, a Boston-based theater company whose mission is to present the diversity of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender lives in art. They bring shows, events and gatherings to local organizations, schools and the streets to support a diverse, inclusive queer-positive presence in Boston;

Teatro La Candelaria, founded in 1966 by a group of independent artists and intellectuals from the nascent independent experimental theater and cultural movement in Bogotá, Colombia. They have been a voice of opposition to authoritarian power, and its subsequent violence and repression, for several generations.

After the 2016 awards ceremony: (standing, from left) Rafael Mendez, John Rankin III, Wolfram Morales, Diane Stiles, Kia Corthron, Emily Morse, Emily Mann, Gabrielle L. Kurlander, Evelyn Francis, Abe Rybeck, Donna Owens, Josean Ortiz, Carmelita Tropicana, Dan Friedman and (seated, from left) Woodie King, Jr.,  Lou Moreno, Adriana Cantor.

About the Otto Awards

The Otto Awards (Executive Producer: Diane Stiles) were founded in 1998 to recognize, support and connect theatre companies and artists engaged in creating political, experimental and community-based theatre. They have been awarded to 92 theatres and individual theatre artists from the United States, Austria, Canada, Ecuador, France, Germany, Northern Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Pakistan, Serbia and the United Kingdom.



Click on the video below to hear Otto René Castillo's poem, "The Apolitical Intellectuals," performed by the staff and volunteers of the Castillo Theatre. 



A video parade of the Otto René Castillo Award for Political Theatre sculptures, designed by Sheila Goloborotko.